Replaced leaking camshaft oil seal


Delivery from DMGRS. Timing belt kit, new aux. belt, thermostat, a few gaskets and new camshaft seals to address the oil leak. I was able to remove the old seals by carefully poking them with a screw driver and pulling them out. Care should be taken not to damage the seal housing as that could cause a further leak.

On fitting the new seal, care must be taken to fit them on the correct sides. Black goes on the timing belt end, and red/brown on the gearbox end. I replaced only the two seals on the gearbox end, where the leak was, as replacing them on the other side required removal of the timing belt and camshaft pulleys.

While hammering one of the seals home, disaster struck. I managed to break the 4-way plastic coolant joint located next to the head, sending coolant everywhere... :(