Hood renovation - Part 1


I bought the Renovo Hood Renovation kit from ebay to restore the colour of the soft top on the TF. The kit includes:

  • Soft Top Canvas Cleaner
  • Soft Top Reviver
  • Ultra Proofer
  • Plastic Window Polish

The problem, dealing with typical Irish weather, is finding a long enough dry spell to get all 3 steps done without rain.

Starting with the cleaner, I applied a generous layer using a paint brush. As recommended, I left the cleaner sit for 1 hour, then scrubbed it well using warm water and hard bristle brush. The hood already looked a lot better after this step.

I left the hood dry overnight, luckily no rain! The following day, I set about the "reviver" step, which involves painting the hood with a specialised recolouring product. 2 or 3 coats is recommended, allowing 3 hours to dry between each coat. Unfortunately, just after the second coat, the rain came. I covered the hood until the reviver was touch dry and I've now left it until I get another chance during a dry spell.

To be continued...