MG TF 135 Project


Picked up this litle gem from a bloke on on Thursday. Originally a UK vehicle, it was imported to Ireland in 2013. UK reg was MF04FHV. I started off this evening with a little photo shoot of the various issues with the car that I plan to fix.

On the TODO list:

  1. Full service
  2. Fix dent on the rear wing, behind drivers door.
  3. Replace the driver's front drivers wing, as there is a large rust patch and multiple small dents.
  4. Temperature control is broken.
  5. Driver's side door lock makes a horrid grinding noise.
  6. Flush the coolant and clean out the bottle
  7. Repair a hole in the upper dash.
  8. Refurbish the alloys and replace the tyres.

Some minor cosmetic improvements:

  1. Clean, recolour and reseal the hood.
  2. Polish the cloudy rear window.
  3. New front and rear badges.
  4. Refit the front bumper.

Issues I'm not sure yet if/how to address:

  1. Rust bubbles on the bonnet.
  2. Rust bubbles on the rear panel.