Door lock and fan issues


Weekday evening after work, a chance to investigate some of these niggles.

  1. Removed door card to inspect door lock.
  2. Removed the faulty heater resistor pack.
  3. Inspected the jammed heater control.

Door Lock Motor Mechanism

There's a nasty grinding noise when the door is unlocked with the fob. Locking/unlocking using the key is ok. As there appears to be a few different types of lock/motor mechanisms, I wanted to get a look at the faulty one to match it when buying the replacement part. I believe the part number is FQJ102262PMA.


Heater Resistor Pack

The fan only works on positions 3 and 4. Positions 1 and 2 do nothing. It's a common problem and usually caused by a broken coil on the resistor pack. These units can be replaced (£25+), or repaired using cheaply aquired parts from an electronics store. As I'm handy with the soldering iron, I went for the latter option!

Jammed Heater Control

Pulled off the right side console panel to reveal the heater vavle and the cable that runs from the value to the temperature knob. The cable was in bad condition with badly frayed shielding and not attached on one end. The heater valve itself seems to be free and moves smoothly, but the cable seems to have trouble operating the lever on the valve. Perhaps a worn or badly lubricated lever.