TF Service


Typical, first weekend of ownership and is a wet one. Regardless, took a trip down to the motor factors and picked up a full set of filters: oil, air and fuel. Apparently, there's no cabin filter in a F/TF. I already have a good few cans of oil picked up in various sales around December/January :)

I understood from the previous owner that the hasn't been serviced since he bought it, a year previosuly. 

Clouds cleared in the afternoon, so out I went to get cracking...

Progress recorded in the picture captions.

  1. Replaced air filter.
  2. Cleaned throttle body (cleaning this might help with the sticky accelerator).
  3. Check the spark plugs condition and gap.
  4. Replace fuel filter.
  5. Flush the oil and replace oil filter.
  6. Replace with fresh 10W40. 4.5 litres.
  7. Brakes and brake fluid check. OK.
  8. General inspection of the engine bay.

Overall, a success. The car seems to have been reasonably well maintained, plugs ok, fluids ok. The coolant is pink, so should be the proper O.A.T. type. I think the dirty coolant bottle could just be rthe remnants of a past H.G.F. so I'm taking that as an indication that the HG has been done once :) However, the belts (timing & drive) look worrying. There seems to be a small oil that will need to be watched.