Strip down to replace fender apron


The battery tray and neighbouring panel (known in Mustang land as the "fender apron") are to be replaced. The battery tray especially is rotten throughout and battery is basically balanced on a ledge and held in place, somewhat, by a bicycle clip. The steps taken:

  • Battery out
  • Remove lower valance. 4 bolts on the front (2 upper, 2 lower), and 2 bolts on each side.
  • Remove lights from lower valence. 2 screws behind on each.
  • Remove chrome bumper strip 6 bolts accessible from underneath.
  • Remove chrome/plastic grill surround trim. Various screws and thumb tight tiny bolts accessible from behind.
  • Remove side trim. Unclipped from the bottom, comes off very easy.
  • Remove fender. 6 bolts along the top, 2 in front behind the headlight (no need to remove the headlight), 2 underneath (attention, rust!), 1 behind accessible by opening the passenger door.

Next step to remove the apron. The battery tray couldn't be removed as the bolts are so badly rusted. 3 bolts inside the engine bay, 2 on the front, 2 at the bottom (accessible behind the wheel).  The bottom 2 are partially covered by the mount for the bumper support backet so that had to also come off.

At this point, the old apron is being held in by welds. Off to get a bit for drilling out spot welds ...