'68 Mustang - First Contact


The Mustang didn't take much effort to get started. The battery, having been left connected, was deeply discharged. It wouldn't even power an LED. Apparently the battery is only about 2 years old but these batteries are usually damaged permanently if they're deep discharged. Anyway, quick trip to Halfords to pick a new battery. Plonk that in and mount it on a battery tray that has disintegrated from rust, and clamp it down using a bicycle clip!

Quick check of the oil, coolant and air filter, then in we get to try start her up. It took a few goes, but eventually started up.

On the test drive: definitely a problem with the steering. Also the brakes seem very weak.

Subsequent starts also took a fair bit cranking before it fired. Looking at the carb, the choke is an automated design and it seems to be jammed or not adjusted correctly.

So, after a closer inspection, here's some things to be fixed:



There is a lot of play in the steering. The steering wheel can be turned 15-20ยบ before any action is transmitted to the wheels. Possibly steering box worn or worm gear out of adjustment.


The brakes are shockin. Peddle needs to be stomped with a lot of force to slow down.


  • Battery tray has disintegrated. Should be replaced.
  • Bonnet catch is jammed. Just needs to be cleaned and greased.
  • Fuel tank showing rust. Should be waxoyled.
  • The auto-choke seems of be jamming or badly adjusted.
  • Wipers need replacing.
  • Wrong oil dipstick. It doesn't seal.
  • Rear suspension bushings


  • Turn signal lights not working.
  • Battery drain when off.
  • Hazard lights switch broken.
  • Hazard lights not flashing.
  • Interior light not working.
  • Radio not working.


  • Steering wheel tired and cracked.
  • Windows don't close fully. Maybe fixable with some silicone spray.
  • Rear left (and right?) window doesn't open.
  • Hole in firewall where accelerator passes through. New grommit.
  • Engine bay dirty and part rusted. Should clean down, remove rust and paint.
  • Dashboard is lose.
  • (Stock) Oil pressure gauge not working.
  • Dodgy non-original oil pressure gauge installed.
  • Wires hanging from under dash. Should be traced/replaced/tidied.
  • Heater vent system (it's made of cardboard?!) is broken. Should be replaced.
  • Door armrests are tired and torn.
  • Trim missing from doorlocks.
  • Cover missing from interior light.
  • Some small traces of rust and rust bubbling on the bodywork.
  • Front grill is faded. Paint? Replace with a finer mesh grill?
  • Rear shelf looks shabby.