Powder coated wheels and new rubber


Yikes! Blowout on M3 at 120kph! A testament to the reinforced (XL) Continental tyres, at no point did the car lose control or even veer off a straight line. Naturally, it happened in the rain, at night and just off the motorway it's pitch dark. Anyways, as remaining tyres were down to about 2mm or so, I used the opportunity to get need tread and refurb the alloys for the ZS180. I've wanted black wheels on yellow as I think it goes well. Booked the wheels in with Tallaght Powder Coating to get the wheels refurbed and powder coated in "Midnight Silver".  Nearby Advanced Pitstop did a good deal on 4 x Hankook Ventus V12 Evo in the factory spec. size, 205/45/17. Sorted!