MG TF 160 Project


A rare 'Sprint' VVC model I came across on eBay. Not many 160 VVCs and even less in Ireland in this spec.  UK registration HJ03WXM.

  • Gunsmoke alcantara
  • Chromepack (door handles, ashtray, handbrake, etc..)
  • Uprated 304mm 'AP' front brakes
  • ABS
  • Air conditionning
  • Passenger side airbag
  • Front fog lights

Collected the car near Manchester with the intention of driving it home. That wasn't to be though, as the head gasket failed catastrophically half way to Holyhead. In hindsight, I suspect the problem was already there when I bought the car, although it showed no signs, or there was a coolant leak and the long drive emptied it out!

I bought the car running, but with a fair share of problems that needed fixing:

  • Brakes need bleeding
  • Dent in rear bumper
  • Broken mounting on driver's door mirror (it doesn't sit straight)
  • Interior showing signs of age/wear, especially the steering wheel
  • Rear view mirror mount broken
  • Driver's door handle mounts broken and attached with self-tapping screws
  • Rust on the sills
  • Broken oil filler bracket (do they all suffer this?!)