MG TF 160 Progress



  1. Replaced head gasket
  2. Dropped and cleaned oil sump
  3. Fitted uprated oil ladder
  4. Shot blasted and powder coated rusted coolant rail
  5. Flushed and cleaned radiator and all cooling pipes
  6. New timing belt, tensioner, waterpump
  7. Fitted stainless underfloor pipes
  8. Replaced PRT
  9. Removed thermostat (should not be fitted with PRT)
  10. Replaced broken oil filler bracket
  11. Replaced broken exhaust downpipe
  12. Repaired starter motor
  13. Stainless slam panel bolts
  14. Bleed brakes
  15. Replaced pedal rubbers
  16. Replaced front wheel bearings
  17. Reattached rear view mirror
  18. Rust treatment on both sills
  19. Replaced drivers wing mirror
  20. Replaced gear shift mechanism
  21. Fitted full spare wheel & toolkit
  22. Fitted floor mats
  23. Fixed fan resistors
  24. Enabled illumination on cigar lighter
  25. Replaced badly worn steering wheel
  26. Removed exhaust valve vacuum system
  27. Fitted Cruise control
  28. Fitted OEM Cruise control steering controls
  29. Fitted OEM ICE steering controls
  30. Fitted new head unit, hands free kit, autoleads adapter for steering controls
  31. Fitted amplifier under passenger seat
  32. Fitted dash camera
  33. Fitted cigar extension behind dash for accessories
  34. Replaced worn drivers side bonnet hinge
  35. Replaced broken drivers door handle
  36. Replaced grinding drivers door lock
  37. Replaced 2x coolant temperature sensors
  38. Flushed coolant and replaced with O.A.T.
  39. Replaced leaking oil cooler pipes
  40. Replaced noisy wiper motor
  41. Replaced broken scuttle panel
  42. Detailed under bonnet area
  43. Replaced boot lid
  44. Replaced broken high-level brake light
  45. Fitted boot interior light
  46. Replaced cracked drivers speaker grill
  47. Fitted Hertz DSK 165.3 2-way Front speakers
  48. Fitted Hertz DCX 460.3 coax Rear speakers
  49. Replaced coolant bottle (new bottle with low level sensor
  50. Replaced both rear brake calipers, discs and pads
  51. Replaced rusted underfloor brake line


  1. Replace rusted underfoor clutch line
  2. Repair door card trim - both sides
  3. Fit chrome gear knob
  4. Fit windstop
  5. Fix rear crash cans
  6. Replace rear bumper
  7. Fit low coolant level light
  8. Add rear heated window switch & relay
  9. Recharge air con
  10. Replace badges
  11. 4 wheel alignment
  12. Replace alternator belt and tensioner
  13. Clean tappets
  14. Replace exhaust
  15. New hood/glass rear screen